Thursday, 28 February 2013


Hi there, 

So as some of you may already know, I have another blog. It's the YABluewater blog and it is dedicated to YA Fiction. I set it up when I started a YA book club where I work. It has reviews, interviews, cover reveals, that sort of thing; as well as all the book club related stuff. I spend a lot of time over there! lol The thing is though, that I don't just read YA books and I don't want to share only book related things. That's why I set up this blog, so I could post non-YA book reviews, and share my most recent makes. Also so I can have somewhere to talk about my writing. So that's what I'm going to do here. 

This part, the non-YA reviews part, is particularly exciting for me. There are SO MANY amazing books out there! I work in a book shop so I get to see them *all* the time! I have a long list of books that I want to review for you guys too! I'm looking forward to it :D I might start tomorrow, hehe. 

Anyways, I'll see you next post,

Kaylie x


I find that the more I write, the more obsessed I become with milestones. I am proud to announce that I have, not even twenty minutes ago,  reached the 25k words milestone! 

*waits for fanfare* *holds breath*

The silly thing is, no one else gives a stuff about it but me! So whats the big deal? It's about proof I suppose. This ever increasing number is proof that I'm doing something that I have always wanted to do. It's proof that every day day I come closer to actually reaching this goal that I have set myself. 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Noah - A Little Snippet

I am writing a book. It's a fantasy book. It's also going to be a YA fantasy book... I think anyway. Here's a little snippet...


   "Stupid Order, with their stupid Council, putting on a stupid babysitting job!" Noah muttered as he kicked a rock into the fire. He watched as the sparks flew up into the night like a swarm of fire-bugs.
   "Why is she so special anyways?" Noah sat down, landing with a thump on the dirt next to the fire. He knew he should be watching this Lea girl, but it was the middle of the night, and she was asleep. How much trouble can one human girl get up to while asleep, right? 

Hello! :)

So, this is just a quick post to say hi there! :0) 

I find that  keep wanting to post about books that are not YA, so I thought that I would start another blog for such things. Then I thought "What about all the other things I'd like to post about, jewellery, shoes, make up, food, places I've been and things I've done?" So I thought I would add those to this blog too. 

I warn you now, It will be a pretty random combination of things at times! lol But that is one of the many things that makes me me ;0)

See you next post,

Kaylie x