Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Noah - A Little Snippet

I am writing a book. It's a fantasy book. It's also going to be a YA fantasy book... I think anyway. Here's a little snippet...


   "Stupid Order, with their stupid Council, putting on a stupid babysitting job!" Noah muttered as he kicked a rock into the fire. He watched as the sparks flew up into the night like a swarm of fire-bugs.
   "Why is she so special anyways?" Noah sat down, landing with a thump on the dirt next to the fire. He knew he should be watching this Lea girl, but it was the middle of the night, and she was asleep. How much trouble can one human girl get up to while asleep, right? 

  He took out his sword and began to clean it for the third time since setting up camp for the night. As he polished up the blade to a mirror shine, he thought about why he was given this stupid job. He was pretty sure he was being punished. Punished for not being good enough, for not leading the sortie well enough, for not spotting the trap...
   No, he didn't want to think about that night. It made his chest felt tight and his palm sweaty. His sword dropped to the floor with a clatter. Noah took a few deep breaths to stop the flood of awful memories from that night. He didn't want to remember, but he would never forget. All he could do was try not to think about it. He looked into the fire and thought about Lea, to distract himself. She was just a girl. Or was she? When was the last time The Council had ordered one of The Guard to keep tabs on a human? A Watcher, sure, that was their job. But one of The Guard? His job was to track and to kill Deamons. That was how The Guards kept the humans safe, not by babysitting them! But he had failed to do even that, hadn't he. He had made mistakes, he lead the Deamons right to them that night.
   "No!" He said through gritted teeth, picking up his sword again as he got to his feet. He swung his sword through the air, using the drills and the movement to focus his mind. He was good with a sword, but he wasn't the best. A bit more practice was always a good thing and it helped to keep his mind clear. 
   He kept going until his arms felt like lead and he was sweating all over. The fire had nearly burned itself out, and the moon had risen high in the sky when he stopped. He was tingling with exertion all over and it felt good.
   He decided to check on Lea before he went to sleep himself, he had the sense that she was an early riser, always busy, and looking after her old man.
   He ducked under a few tree branches and picked his way through some shrubs. He had made his camp close to the village but away from any of the trails that weaved through this forest. There were a lot of stories about what lived in this place, and he was sure that people would not be straying from the paths, especially at night.
   Lea's hut was right at the edge of the clearing, almost as if it was reluctant to leave the forest and join the rest of the village. It was pretty small by his standards, but he lived in the Citadel so what did he know. 
   As he approached the spot that offered him the best view of the hut and the rest of the village, the air changed. There was something electric, like a currant running across his skin, pulling him towards the hut. He stopped still. He knew what this sensation was. It was Enai, he was sensing a creature of magik. He crouched down. His body and mind in hunting mode. His steps were silent as he glided forward through the shrubs. He stopped right at the edge of the forest, using the foliage as cover. His sensed were wide open, expecting something to creep out of the night and attack. 
   He could see the top of the girls hut above the leaves. He stood slightly, to get a clearer view.
   "What the..." He let out an exasperated breath.

I don't really know why the idea of posting this is so scary, but it is! Ahhhhh! Only one other person has ever read any of my WIP. I won't be putting a lot on here, but I did want to share just a tad with whoever may read this. 

See you next post,

Kaylie x

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